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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A month of wellness!

What's it been? A month?

I've seen most of you in person by now—with my Wire watching nearly over, I'm pretty much up and around. I'm back at work now, still having some residual side effects, but mostly good.

And for all of you who helped, well, hopefully most of you have gotten your thank you cards by now. If you haven't, either it's on the way, you didn't give me a postal address, or I somehow totally munged things up in an opioid haze (I can only imagine how many thank you's I've sent to Mr. Goodbar inadvertantly).

In fun bureaucracy news, I've been assigned a Medi Cal eligibility officer, who will theoretically tell me whether or not I'm eligible at some point in the future. The letter I was sent said that I could only contact him at "the following times:" then left the blank unfilled. WAY TO GO! A PLUS!

So, still dealing with the bills, bills, bills, and facing a house with too much good stuff already, I'm going to be purging some stuff. I'll put up a list of books later—if you gave me a book while I was convalescing, I've likely read it (and thanks again). You can have them back if you'd like (save a couple I'll wheedle out of folks, but one of the perks of asking for trashy reading is not feeling guilty about holding onto it), otherwise I'll toss them up into a Radiohead "auction" (pay what you want, even if it's nothing) for divesting.

Thanks again for all the help through the worst of it, folks. Now we're going from acute to chronic, and I'll try to keep this updated.

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