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Friday, March 12, 2010

Klang goes home to Palms today

brief (if that's possible for me) (see it started already) klang update.

He's gettiing sprung from RR-UCLA today & we're putting together a doodle scheduler later today as I get info from Amy, for those LA-fites who can/want to read Klang some bedtime stories. Or run some errands b/c Josh ain't running nowhere notime soon. (Triple negative--that's still a negative right? Damn, I miss Sparky Anderson)

Last night some amazing people came together to help Amy clear room in their apt. for a hospital bed and other appliances for our gentleman of leisure (space kitty & mr space kitty, Isaac & Amanda, Maureen, Carson B, cat) . And others volunteered to come & help in other ways (bookhouse, scody, and more).
Amy loquitor: we ate thai and cleaned the whole house. nicer than ever. annette cleaned the fridge and freezer and organized everything into plastic bags. a goddess. carson scrubbed the toilet and even the leaky spot behind the tank (!) and dealt with josh's "filing pile" and "art pile" (!!). it's like a team of cleaning ninjas showed up. we figured out the bed too, and will have space for josh and me and 1-3 guests at a time. perfect. thanks.

I talked to Josh for a few minutes & he was able to share some stories of life in RR-UCLA that had us both cracking up. While we were talking they strapped a mechanized boot on him to alternately stretch & flex his leg. Mecha-Klang hilarity ensued. Accompanied by the Whelk's drawings. Uncanny. Some barbs about Donna Harraway not quite getting all of the kinks out of cyborg theory. Something about being on the frontlines of cyborg praxis. And some choice expletives when they tried to get his mass vertical--with the PT folks exhorting encouragement like "The screws are weight bearing, get it? Weight bearing!" with klang responding that yeah, he got it, but the rest of the leg didn't RTFA.

We were originally coming out for spring break until the break turned out to be Josh's leg & arm. Now it looks like August unless they need us sooner. Plan on a mega-mecha-klang meetup in the swelters of SoCal August.

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