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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yeah, see, it's the going there thing…

At the hospital, the social worker that was handling my case said that the UCLA health advocates would contact me, put me in contact with UCLA's lawyers (who would generally help recover the cost of my stay without having to go through the personal injury rigmarole) and line me up for charities.

So, I get this urgent letter from the Health Advocates, and because neither of the phone numbers listed work (800 or 888), I gotta google 'em to get the right local contacts. I end up talking to them and come to find out that they only do the paperwork for Medical/care/SSI/what have you. And, they only do the paperwork if you have minor children (which is why they asked, "Are you sure your girlfriend isn't pregnant?" several times, and I'm like, "Jeez, I hope not. That's the last thing we need right now.") or if you're going to have a disability of over a year. Otherwise, the woman told me, you gotta go down to the Medical and Medicare offices in person. (Amy immediately asked "Why in person?" but I was too busy with my convivial, "Yes, yes, that makes sense," during the interview to ask, because I'm a dumbass.)

So, I guess that's put off until I can reliably get places, though I have to apply—and be rejected—before UCLA will issue their final billing. I realize that Health Advocates are really there for people who are worse off and really can't manage this—despite the accident being pretty fucking undesirable, I really am pretty fortunate on the whole—but I guess what makes me one of those damn socialists is that I really wish there was adequate funding to obviate the hassle for me too.

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  1. A friend of mine from MuAbo days has been fighting with MediCal & all the rest for about six years now. A former ecdysiast, she was working--of all things--as a medical records transcriptionist when she took a header & shattered her wrist. That & some complications landed her with DVT. The good news--she finally won her SSI disability claim (she found out when the lawyer who represented her contacted her saying that if she would just pay for the copies of her medical transcripts, they could clear her case; they've already been paid, she's still waiting). The bad news is that b/c it's taken so long, she's getting evicted this week. Yeah, I'm not seeing the problem with socialism right now...